Welcome to Karripal

KarriPal was created to assist, builders, labourers and construction workers while lifting and shifting heavy loads such as wheelbarrows, buckets and building materials.

Lifting heavy loads for prolonged periods of time is not only physically exhausting, but potentially damaging to joints and muscles. KarriPal assists the user by transferring the main loading away from any painful, or weaker areas, such as hands or wrists, up through the strap to stronger more stable areas, such as the upper arms, shoulders and back.

If a user suffers from an elbow or shoulder injury, KarriPal’s flexibility allows you to transfer more weight through the hands and wrists so the affected area is not under as much strain, and the load is balanced through other stronger parts of the body.

In addition, KarriPal benefits those suffering from an injury, arthritis or joint pain, and who may experience acute discomfort from heavy lifting, potentially causing longer term joint damage and time of work.

The KarriPal Light design evolved for everyday lighter use lifting such as shopping, work, travelling or lighter chores around the home. It’s light and compact enough to be on you at all times and ready to used wherever and whenever you need a hand. The KarriPal Light coupled with sustainable non plastic bags is ideal for all your high street and shopping requirements.